Welcome to LS Hunting

Located in the rugged and beautiful Canadian River basin of the Texas Panhandle, LS Huntingincludes parts of Potter, Hartley, and Oldham counties and the historical LS, Quien Sabe, Proctor, and Houghton Ranches. Most hunts are within a one hour drive from Amarillo, Texas. LS Hunting's vast hunting range borders and includes a variety of cultivated seasonal crops that include wheat, corn, sorgums, and alfalfa.

The terrain ranges from nearly flat ground, to rolling hills, rocky outcrops, ravines, creeks, and a 37 mile private stretch of the Canadian River. The foliage, comprised of everything from native grass and sage, to junipers, mesquite, cottonwoods, cactus, plum thickets, wild flowers, and yucca, provides a diversity of game birds, varmint, deer, antelope, and fish, all native to the area.

Also native to the area are the hundreds of thousands of migratory game birds that call the area home throughout the fall and winter hunting seasons. Our guided hunts include meals, trap shooting, cleaning & packing of birds, and lodging. Lodging includes a game room with bar, pool table, and poker table and a TV room (with satellite).